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What is the real value of carpet cleaning

Do it yourself vs. hire a professional

How an Area Rug Gets Cleaned

Those guys did a great job! They were polite and professional. I couldn’t believe how nice and clean the carpets looked after they were done. I had my husband come by just to see how good the carpet looked. I stored your number in my contacts and will definitely use you for future move outs. I appreciate the follow up call. You guys are the best!

Bernadette R.

The workers were courteous, friendly and very thorough. They explained things clearly and did an excellent job.

Suzanne D.

Blackburn Cleaning was nothing short of amazing. The two gentlemen came to my house and cleaned my furniture to rid them of pet stains. Holy cow what job they did. The cleaners were friendly, professional and thorough. Thank you, Blackburn!

Jeff N.


Do you have pet odors? Having guests or traffic areas worn down and dingy?

The Benefits of Having Carpets Professionally Cleaned:  

  • HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS – are your hallways and stairs matted?  We will give them a little ‘pick-me-up’ with an added benefit of overall freshness 
  • EXTEND THE LIFE – By regularly cleaning your carpets they won’t have the buildup that can occur thereby reducing the need to replace your high investment
  • CARPET PROTECTOR  – applying protector allows any future spills to be cleaned up before they have opportunity to set and cause permanent damage
  • PET ODOR – Applying an enzyme treatment while cleaning your carpets will return the proper Ph to your carpets and remove pet odor


Many times, the first impression someone gets of us is the lasting impression.  Keeping your facilities fresh and clean, including carpets, helps to ensure that your first impression is the RIGHT impression!

Cleaning your carpets restores them to ‘like new’ conditions, including such as feeling soft, being sanitary and removal of bacteria and germs from day-to-day business traffic.

You can leave your office this afternoon saying goodbye to the dingy carpeting.  When you return in the morning, they will be fresh & clean!

Let Blackburn clean & sanitize your carpets leaving them smelling fresh and looking like new