What distinguishes one cleaning company from another?


Do they have good references?

Our company is considered by many as one of the most reliable janitorial cleaning firms in the area. We are often referred by most of our own clients and even by some of our competitors. Our references are available upon request.

Do you get what you bargained for?

Have you thought about what you will actually get by choosing a cheaper company? You always get what you pay for!

One should never select a cleaning company based on price. Janitorial cleaning is not as cheap as some would like for you to think. Their technique is to advertise a low price to get in the door, so that they can push their low quality. Quality cleaning is not cheap, but it will extend the life of your investment and care for your facility in a way that will save you money in the long run. We provide high standards, unmatched quality cleaning at a flexible and reasonable value.


Are they well educated in their field?

Sadly, most companies in our industry do not invest in educating themselves in their field after they have been awarded a big contract.
We regularly attend educational courses, certification schools, conventions and study trade journals and books related to our work. We are abreast of cutting edge technology and changes that regularly occur in our industry.

Do they offer a referral reward program?

We want to reward you for sending customers to us. For each new customer that you send to us, we will send you a 10% referral certificate for what they spend with us the first time. You may use the referral certificate for cash or services. And remember your friends, neighbors and co-workers enjoy high quality

Do they use systems?

A system is a group of working parts that are designed to work together. Then and only then can you really execute successfully. Systems that are created and reviewed regularly in a company produce consistent results and saves time.

When your employee’s don’t have to depend on you to direct their every move because they have a system to work in, their performance goes up and they provide a better quality of work.

Our operations manager works on creating and putting in place systems that will help our employees provide quality service, train them to report facility hazards and put our client’s needs first.


Do they guarantee their work and a fast response time?

Do you have to wait for the next day’s service to correct things that were missed? When you have cleanup emergencies, do you have to wait over 24 hours to get things cleaned up?
Our new phone app has helped us develop the fastest response time in the cleaning industry. We have daytime technicians that can be at a facility within the hour or less to care of emergences. Even when things get missed we guarantee to make it right and fix any mistakes, that same day.