What to Clean When You’re Expecting

So you find out that you are expecting a new baby! An exciting time in your life no doubt, however you may be wondering, what things do I have to avoid now that I’m pregnant? Is it still safe for me to clean my house? You will be relieved to know that most cleaning products are safe to use when pregnant, however it is still important to exercise caution.  Here are some tips that you can use if you are expecting:

  • Clean in well ventilated areas (open windows, doors, vents in bathroom, etc.)
  • Wear rubber gloves: it’s very important to protect your skin from the absorption of chemicals
  • Read the labels on the products you use
  • Try to go green: maybe make homemade cleaning products
  • Take off your shoes in the house: 85% of dirt in the home comes from shoes!
  • Don’t try to move furniture on your own
  • Never mix products like ammonia and bleach (this can make you sick)
  • Avoid cleaning your oven: the cramped space and fumes may be dangerous
  • Avoid spraying pesticides in the air: try using traps for bugs instead
  • Don’t get rid of mold yourself
  • Ask your partner or family members to help: team work makes the dream work!

If you follow these guidelines, you will have no problem in keeping your house tidy. Just remember to always exercise caution and if you’re not sure, ask your doctor.



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