The Story of Blackburn Cleaning

Back in 1968, a young Steve Blackburn was working hard before going to school each morning, swinging a mop, battling greasy stoves, and making local restaurants sparkling for the day’s service.  He brought a great attitude to his work and always put his customer first, these qualities earned him a trusted reputation. 

Years pass, Steve’s Janitorial continued educating themselves to ensure they were keeping up with the most effective cleaning solutions and techniques to get out the toughest stains thereby improving the quality of service.  Clients started referring other restaurants and businesses in the area. The door of opportunity continued to grow.

We strive to maintain an excellent reputation as a full-service cleaning and carpet cleaning company and earn the trust and loyalty of our clients.  Our valued employees have hundreds of years of combined cleaning experience and are committed to earning our customers trust and respect, offering friendly service, ongoing support, and of course, great value! 

Everyday we manage facilities so that our clients can have peace of mind knowing things are being cared for.