The history behind Blackburn Cleaning.

Back in 1968, a young Steve Blackburn was working hard before going to school each morning, swinging a mop, battling greasy stoves, and making local restaurants sparkling for the day’s service.  He brought a great attitude to his work and always put his customer first, these qualities earned him a trusted reputation.

Years pass, Steve’s Janitorial continued educating themselves to ensure they were keeping up with the most effective cleaning solutions and techniques to get out the toughest stains thereby improving the quality of service.  Clients started referring other restaurants and businesses in the area. The door of opportunity continued to grow.

Today, almost 50 years later, Blackburn remains the reputable family-owned business it has always been; and continues to uphold the high  standards set back in 1968.  We are great people serving great businesses, delivering unmatched customer service and the fastest response time in our industry.  It’s no wonder Blackburn is the trusted brand serving some of the most discriminating clientele including medical facilities, schools, banks and municipalities.

We have received awards for consistently exceeding expectations and creating lifetime clients.   Now the new generation of Blackburn is focused on continuous improvement of service, systems and training.  Everyday we manage facilities so that our clients can have peace of mind knowing things are being cared for.  We clean over 2 million sq. ft. per night for some of the great businesses of Southeastern Connecticut.