Give Yourself a Gift to Open Later

Cleaning your rug before you place it in storage is very important! It could determine how long your rug lasts.

Here are some benefits of cleaning your rug:

  1. It eliminates trapped pollutants:

A dirty carpet can retain indoor air pollutants, pet dander, dirt and dust.

  1. It helps prevent mold growth

Dirty carpets are more at risk for developing mold when they are exposed to moisture.

So you may wonder, how should I go about storing my rug then? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Clean and moth-repel rugs before storing them. An insect repellant will help safeguard your rug from moths.
  • Roll your rugs starting at the bottom end to the top end, fuzzy side inside (Silk rugs need to be fuzzy side outside).
  • Wrap rugs in Tyvek or brown acid-free paper
  • NEVER wrap wool rugs in plastic, they sweat and can create mold and mildew
  • Elevate rugs off of the ground, in case of flooding
  • Make sure nothing heavy is on top of your rug, this can distort its shape
  • Rotate your rug every 3-6 months
  • Inspect them often to make sure no bug infestation or mold buildup is occurring
  • Protect your rugs by moving them away from the sun while in storage to prevent fading

If you follow these tips, in effect you can give yourself a gift to open later, the gift of a clean rug!Rug

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