Blackburn's Guarantee


Every once in a while, employees are going to miss something. Worse yet, an emergency cleaning is needed right away.

PROBLEM: Cleaning company doesn’t answer the phone, we never know if our message was received and that they are on the way to take care of the incident

SOLUTION: Fasting Response Time in the Cleaning Industry in Southeastern CT. At Blackburn, your cleaning problem is our cleaning problem!

Blackburn has done something unique to the cleaning industry, we have created a phone app that allows you immediate contact with our office should an emergency arise.  This App allows us to maintain the fastest response time by putting your request at our fingertips.

You BENEFIT from our fastest response time [promise / guarantee] and can rest assured that your message has been received.  We will respond within 20 minutes to let you know we have received your message and will follow up with you to keep you informed of how your request is being taken care of.

Don’t want another App on your phone, no worries you can go on our website (show website & form) fill out the quick easy form and let us know what you need. Either method of communication gets you the fastest response time.

To best serve our client’s we have made the App simple & easy to use. Download [the key to the fastest response time] now. You will find it in the Google and App Store now.