Do You Know the Difference Between a Spot and a Stain?

We have people that call all the time and ask if we can get tough stains out of their carpets and honestly it depends on if it is a spot or a permanent stain. However, we may wonder, what is the difference?

A spot is a rounded mark made by foreign matter on the surface. A stain is a discoloration produced by foreign matter; a spot not easily removed.  A stain is embedded into the carpet fibers.

If spills are addressed immediately, they will most likely come out. 24 hours can make a difference in whether a spot will become a stain. You must blot a spot to prevent staining immediately for the best results and rinse it out with water. It is not good to leave chemicals in your carpet; this will build up soil and possibly discolor your carpet. To prevent soil build up it is best to thoroughly clean spills and fully rinse cleaning products from the fibers of your carpet.

Certain fibers are more prone to staining like Nylon, which is more absorbent than many other fibers. Polyester is not very absorbent so it is easier to clean up spills. Hydrogen peroxide is good for spots and it leaves no residue. However, it won’t work on grease or oil based stains. An enzyme based cleaner is good for stains like food, urine and blood.

Blackburn Pro Cleaning would be happy to help you with stubborn spills and spots. We have the appropriate chemicals to help with spot removal.


stain vs spot


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