Problem: Our industry suffers from lack of consistency.

Bonded and Insured – Safety Trained – Facility Security – Team Screening

Clean and polish entry glass doors.
Sweep and mop all hard surface flooring with a disinfectant.
Wipe down all horizontal surfaces such as, table and counter tops with a disinfectant.
Wipe down break room appliances and vending machines.
Trash will be emptied each service and liners replaced as needed.
Regular high dusting to remove dust and cobwebs.
Restrooms will be completely disinfected and sanitized.

Floor Maintenance
Clean Upholstery
Wash Waste Receptacles
Provide Emergency Cleaning (Fire, Flood, Etc)

Part of our solution is to use detailed checklists and a hands-on training course to ensure clear, and basic guidelines for consistently high quality service to our clients.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality of office cleaning service.  To be extremely thorough in the services we provide.  To be very receptive to any client issues, questions, or concerns.  To take all necessary steps to ensure customer satisfaction.  Above all else, we will fulfill these responsibilities while maintaining the highest ethical standard