Cleaning up with your Kids

      1. Start cleaning with your kids at a young age:

2-3 year olds can pick up their toys, 5-6 year olds can help sweep the floor, etc.

      2. Be realistic:

Don’t push them too hard at a very young age. Perhaps have them pull up their sheets or comforter instead of making the whole bed on their own.

      3. Be specific:

Maybe instead of saying, “clean your room,” you can say “put away all your dolls in the toy chest.”

  1. Have Fun:

Depending on their age, you could dress up like Cinderella or a butler while cleaning or make it a secret mission and pretend you are spies, play cleaning relay and make it a race. You can also always put on some fun music too.

  1. Use kid sized cleaning tools:

Give them a little Swiffer, dust buster or broom. Make sure it’s not too big or heavy for them.

  1. Reward them:

Work is always more fun when you can look forward to the benefits! Try hiding little rewards around the house (candy, money, new little toys, etc.) and let them know they will only find them if they clean the right way.

These little tips will make cleaning the house more enjoyable for your kids so they would have to dread it when it’s time to clean.


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