About Us


5 Reasons Clients Choose Our Company

1. Reputation
The area’s most seasoned Floor Covering Experts, Interior Designers, and Realtors refer Blackburn Pro Cleaning exclusively.

2. Experience
Blackburn Pro Cleaning is experienced in flooring and fabric types as well as every soiling condition known to our industry.

3. Education
Blackburn Pro Cleaning is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) (world’s most recognized body of certification for carpet & upholstery cleaners). Members of our industry’s most prestigious associations.

4. Systems
The cleaning systems used by Blackburn Pro Cleaning are the most advanced on the market getting MAXIMUM SOIL REMOVAL and MAXIMUM SPOT REMOVAL without leaving a sticky residue or over-wetting your carpet.

5. Guarantee
Blackburn Pro Cleaning offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will return at no charge to satisfy you. If you are still unsatisfied, we will honor our money back guarantee.

Blackburn Professional Cleaning History

Blackburn’s professional cleaning crews have been building a solid reputation as experts for nearly 50 years. Our company is a family owned business. In 1968, Steven Blackburn began cleaning before high school, for two friends who had a small cleaning business. Steven was still in high school, and did the work early in the morning. By 1969, the two friends were leaving the area and asked Steven if he wanted to take over the customer list. He jumped at the opportunity, and started Steve’s Janitorial. In 1970 he married Irene, and she helped him to grow the business.

In 1974 Steve became superintendent for Fleetwood apartments in Uncasville, doing maintenance, arranging for painting and small repairs, while Irene did rentals. The cleaning portion was still gradually growing, with a few employees. In 1978 Steve and Irene moved to Oakdale where they had their first real office. The really big break was in 1984, when Steve was offered to bid on the cleaning at Millstone III for Stone and Webster, the construction company who was finishing up the building, and turning it over to Northeast Utilities. It required hiring 25 new employees in a few weeks. Blackburn Janitorial (our name then) pulled it off successfully, and cleaned there many years until it went back to an in-house staff. Blackburn still cleans several buildings for Dominion at Millstone.

Blackburn continues to receive opportunities with new companies and those that continue to come back to our outstanding service. Steve quickly realized that most carpet cleaning companies were not providing good service and did not seem to know about cleaning either. He decided to train and improve his business in creating an excellent service for all customers.

In addition to service, Blackburn immersed himself in education. Studying cleaning magazines, manuals and networking with other professionals in the area and out of state, he learned everything that he could about carpet and fabric cleaning. As a result, he began to solve many difficult cleaning problems for carpet retailers and homeowners. Most other cleaners did not know how to solve these problems, so it created a niche for Blackburn Pro Cleaning. Over the years, Steve Blackburn continues to build the company, adding important certifications and designations along the way.

Blackburn’s professional cleaning crews have been building a solid reputation as experts for nearly 50 years.